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  • Smallest group to visit the island


Quick Details

Underwater Camera & Go PRo or DJI Osmo Camera for Hire option on booking (payable on check in)

Adult Ages 15+
Child Ages 3 - 14
Private Charters
Up to 14 people - Call to enquire

Amazing Low Island Lagoon Snorkeling in Port Douglas

This tour differs from Option A, in that you actually go onto Low Island and snorkel from the beach, rather than from the back of the boat.

This tour is 3 ½ hours altogether. It takes a short 15 minutes to get out there. You then get transferred across to the island on our Glass Bottom Boat. You have around 2 ½ hours on the island to snorkel, walk around, relax or go on our guided island walk. Then it is a quick 15 minute trip back to Port Douglas Lagoon. Allowing you to spend half a day doing something else in Port Douglas all with only 14 passengers maximum.

We have one of only 4 exclusive moorings which allows us to visit the island with a few other boats. Similar to Option A, the reef that you snorkel around is very protected and has many different types of corals and plenty of marine life. This is a very popular spot for seeing and snorkelling with the turtles. This tour is perfect for families with young children who have never snorkelled before. 

If it is windy, Reef Sprinter can be an exciting boat ride that may not be suitable for the frail or elderly or people with bad backs, bad necks or who are pregnant.

If you are trying to book online and cannot find a day or time that suits you, we might still be able to help.

Please email or call us on 0408870965 if this is the case.